Manage and streamline your inventory effortlessly

Cognitive helps small and medium scale businesses cut inventory costs, reduce stockouts and improve customer satisfaction.

Manage your inventory with ease and start saving via the Cognitive Platform today.

What is Cognitive

Cognitive is an integrated platform designed to manage inventory for small and medium scale businesses which deal with inventory (for example retail, construction, automotive and electronics etc).

Our platform utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze your inventory’s historical data, market trends, and relevant factors to optimize your inventory levels and provide you with actionable insights and real-time analytics for you to make informed decisions.

How it works

Get started for free in just a three steps
Sign up with your business information

Fill up a small form and create a login

Use our user-friendly interface to input your inventory data

Enter data manually or upload a Excel/csv file

Start visualizing your data and gaining insights

Get analytics dashboards
Set low inventory notifications

Benefits to Businesses

Cost Savings

  • Reduce your inventory holding costs
  • Reduce stockouts

Optimized Inventory Levels

  • Analyzing historical data, market trends, and relevant factors

Improved Cash Flow

  • Free up your capital with optimized inventory
  • Reduced carrying costs

Increased Revenue

  • Sell your products online
  • Turn inventory into cash

Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • By ensuring product availability and
  • Timely order fulfillment

Data-Driven Decision Making :

  • Get actionable insights and real-time analytics
  • Make informed decisions


Track inventory levels in real-time

Display current inventory levels for various products

Manage inventory from multiple locations and warehouses

Set reorder thresholds and automatic replenishments for inventory items

Dashboards for quick insights and in-depth analytics

Integrated storefront to start selling your products online

Case Studies

Inventory & Supply Chain Optimization at a retailer
Article Article

This case study features an example of how a small retail store, New Fashions, manages their inventory and optimizes their supply chain using our platform.

Streamlining Operations at a mid-scale business
Article Article

This is a case study example featuring a medium-scale business, Click Electronics, specializing in the manufacture and distribution of electronic components and how it streamlines its operations using our platform.

Retailer Transforms Inventory into Online Sales
Article Article

This case study depicts how a small retail business called Valley Sports Gear, specializing in sports equipment and apparel, uses the cognitive platform to start selling its products online.

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